Finding The Best Real Estate Agent To List Your House

Finding The Best Real Estate Agent To List Your House

Selling a home these days is not nearly as easy as it was 5 or 10 years ago. And in today’s real estate market, you need every advantage you can get. One of the ways you can really gain an edge over other home sellers out there is by working with a top real estate agent. (My Top Agent) If you don’t want to look for your top agent, you can always look for a real estate agent referral company.

But what does a Top-Notch agent look like? Here are 4 things to look for to make sure you’re dealing with a top-tier agent:

Work With a Full Time Agent Only

To some, this may sound like basic common sense, but it is surprising the number of home sellers who choose to list their homes with agents that only work part time. The common scenario is a person who has a full time job during the week, but wants to “get into” the real estate business without giving up their steady full time income. So they become a part-time agent, working mostly on the weekends.

This may be alright for someone who is just casually listing their home and testing the market to see if they can get some interest. But if you’re at all serious about getting your home sold, you best avoid these part time “weekend warriors”. It is nearly certain they will not have the time to dedicate to making sure your home is properly marketed and gets the prospective buyer traffic it needs to get sold.

Check Their Associations

Here’s another tell-take sign of how serious the real estate agent takes their career. Did they go through the process of becoming a member of the major trade organizations like the National Association of Realtors? If not, you’ve again got to seriously question their commitment to the business.

Check Their Negotiating Skills

Whenever you’re selling a home, you best have a good negotiator in your corner. This could mean the difference between getting your desired asking price and taking a loss on the home. While judging negotiating skills can be difficult, there is one way to examine them-ask what kind of commission split they have with the company they represent. Most realtors have a 50/50 split. Top-tier realtors keep 75% or more of the commission for themselves. This is a sign that they know how to bargain.

Check Out Their Marketing Techniques

Marketing is a HUGE piece of the home-selling puzzle, and this is often where they “separate the men from the boys” so to speak. A top realtor is one that doesn’t just employ all the traditional marketing strategies that everyone else does. A top real estate agent goes much further. They know how to think creatively and employ tactics (both online and offline) that most other realtors have never even thought of. When you sit down with the realtor under consideration, ask them straight up what they do to market their properties. Pay careful attention to their answers. If they give you 3 of 4 strategies that are both out of the ordinary and effective, then you may have found the right real estate agent.

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